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With the most modern fleet operating in the Baltic Sea today, we offer a variety of short cruises on all our routes which include Stockholm-Helsinki, Stockholm-Turku, Helsinki-Tallinn, Stockholm-Tallinn and Stockholm-Riga. We also sell short day cruises to Aland island from both Stockholm and Turku. Already one day on board Tallink Silja ship will make you to forget the everyday stress and routines. Take the course to sea with your family and friends!

Tallink and Silja the leading passenger shipping company on the Baltic Sea with a fleet of arount 21 vessels. We offer our passengers an access to the entire Baltic Sea region. Our Services range from high class cruises to fast and more affordable crossings and from adventurous holiday experience to professional business travel services. You can arrange a meeting / conference on one of the great conference ships Megastar,Star,Silja Europa,New! MyStar, Silja Serenade, Silja Symphony, Baltic Princess, Baltic Queen. In addition to passengers, the ships carry cars, busses & cargo.

Tallink & Silja Line operates all year round. Cruises on Tallink’s and Silja Line’s ships do not stop for the winter. It is truly unforgettable experience to sail through endless ice fields with fantastic sculptures in pack ice marking the route. No matter which time of the year you choose to explore the Baltic Sea on our vessels, you will find the warmth and luxury of their surroundings all year round.

Tallink & Silja Line routes connect Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Latvia.

Stockholm - Helsinki or V.V. | Stockholm - Turku or V.V. | Stockholm - Tallinn or V.V. | Stockholm - Riga or V.V. | Helsinki - Tallinn or V.V.

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